Red Night | Painting

atmospheric painting of a road at night, with red light shining from the top-right corner
Original Atmospheric Painting

Original atmospheric, nocturne painting in acrylic on a canvas panel

Delivery Cost
20cm x 20cm x 0.3cm
Black, Red, Grey
Made In
Made by
Rachael Hogg Artworks

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This piece is an original acrylic painting on a canvas panel, and is typical of Rachael's mysterious and atmospheric urban subjects. The piece depicts an atmospheric and semi-abstract scene, set in the familiar location of an otherwise ordinary road. Although it is nighttime it is also foggy, and suggests that this is a winter scene. There are details of the painting that suggest, rather than depict, what may be by the side of the road but it may be up to the interpretation of the viewer what these are.

How was it made

First photographs are taken around the chosen location at various times of the day/night. Watercolour and ink sketches are then produced before working on canvas with acrylic paint.

the painting sits on top of a roll of tape, with the paint dabbled wall of her studio visible in the background
the finished painting sitting in her studio


  • Acrylic paint
  • Aanvas panel


  • Brushes