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a brown leather wallet with off-white stitching around both short sides and one long side. A green motif of bamboo is embossed in the middle
Leather Wallet with Bamboo Image

leather wallet with bamboo image on the front

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Natural vegetable tanned leather, hand carved with a Japanese bamboo design. Space for cards and folded notes. Hand stitched for durability using two needles and wax thread. Built to last.

How was it made

Starting from a hide, I marked and cut the parts. I then wet and traced and carved the bamboo design, and painted it. All the parts are then glued together before making the holes for the stitching.

a close up of two pieces of black leather being held in a wooden vice. a needle and thread has been placed into a hole through both pieces of the leather.


  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • Wax thread
  • Dyes


  • Stitching holes prongs
  • Needles