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close-up of a kimono made of light fabric with a stylised eye pattern covering it
Long Kimono with Evil Eye Pattern

Handmade kimono using pure hand woven cotten and a wood print design

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Peach, Blue, Black, Gold
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21.07 London

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These head-turning kimonos are not only stylish but made of soft fabric, that is also highly absorbent and breathable. Each piece is unique with different designs, colours of design and colours of fabric available. They are made from 4 layers of muslin, using only natural and 100% pure cotton. They are hand woven and the designs are hand printed from wood cuts. The length is typically 135cm, but shorter versions are also available. The kimonos come in one size that should fit comfortably anybody from XS to XL. They can be used as a beach robe, bath robe, spa robe, festival costume or even just as loungewear.

How was it made

The model of the kimono is selected, the four layers of muslin is then sewed and finally the colourful wood cut design is hand printed onto the piece.

Sibel wearing a kimono with lady bird designs on it looks out to the Thames from a balcony on the Royal Arsenal estate
looking out over the Thames


  • Pure cotton
  • Wood hand paint


  • Wood print
  • Sewing machine