Bow Church Light Box | Home Decor

the box light is a long rectangle box black with the words "bow church" in white. The white letters are lit up. behind the box light are four vases, all different heights lined up in order of getting taller and a bit wider. One vase as long dried folliage in. The bottom of the vases are also illuminated by the light which is in the back of the light box. behind the shelf on the wall there is an edge of a round mirror, and the bottom of a black and white portrait photograph.
Light Box Reading "Bow Church"

light box using vintage sign

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This sign was created using a decommissioned bus roll and has been repurposed and upcycled into a light box. It is both a unique home decoration and useful as a light source. If you don't wish to use Instagram to order then email is also fine.

How was it made

Whilst waiting for the LED light bar to arrive we cut the wooden frame to size, glue and clamp it and leave that overnight. Once dried the frame is painted and we then screw the light bar inside the frame, add a switch and a plug. We then attach the gorilla tape to the frame and attach the bus roll to this and roller it on securely afterwards. Once the light box is complete it’s PAT tested and gets the approved sticker.

a birds eye view, below is a table with lightboxes for sale, they are all switched on. across the ceiling are fairy lights
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  • Sustainably sourced wood
  • water based wood glue
  • LED light
  • vintage bus roll
  • gorilla tape
  • blackboard paint


  • Wood saw
  • Stanley knife
  • clamps
  • pencil
  • masking tape