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Tamzyn, the Maker

AKA the bug lady, Tamzyn, sells her work at most of the handmade markets this end of South East London. Tamzyn’s journey to creating Art by Tamzyn started when at Art College, where she studied art and design. At college she enjoyed learning photography, design, ceramics, fine art, but ultimately decided to focus on her graphic design skills and started her career as a professional graphic designer.

Tamzyn Sketching

Tamzyn has always found ways to be creative, and around 4 years ago she started to sketch using charcoals. Once Tamzyn had run out of wall space in her own home it felt natural for her to take the step and start selling her art work. From selling her art work in local markets she saw the benefit of her graphic design skills because people requested colour versions of her charcoal sketches. These requests resulted in Tamzyn’s unique display of wall prints today which are the best quality fine art prints (also known as giclee prints), with either her original charcoal sketches in black and white or colour variations.

where Tamzyn sketches

We love the way that Tamzyn combines the soft subtle lines of charcoal sketches with the clean precision of a graphic print, it creates a perfect combination and shows off the delicate details of nature in her botanical and entomology prints. Tamzyn has always had an interest in nature and she loves how nature has natural symmetry and detail. Tamzyn sketches from her dinner table in her house near Eltham, this is her chosen spot because it has the best natural light in her home. You can buy directly from Tamzyn at the following markets she frequently sells at: Shrewsbury House, Charlton House, Mycenae House hosted by The Corner of 96, Erith Exchange and with us Woolwich Makers Market. If you are looking for something special in your home, or perhaps for a unique gift for a loved one why not browse Tamzyn’s website and her Instagram account. Tamzyn also takes on commissions when time permits, so drop her a message here or if you are interested in commissioning an original design.

Products made by Tamzyn

Nature’s Bumblebee | Wall Art Print

Nature's Bumblebee Print
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9" x 9"
Black and White
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Art by Tamzyn

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