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Sophie stands looking at the camera in her studio.

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Essemgé Designer Jewellery

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Timeless jewellery



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Sophie, the Maker

Sophie has always been creative and a keen collector of curiousities, vintage items and antiques. She initially wanted to do furniture and painting restoration, but then discovered jewellery designing and making and found it had the best of both worlds of creativity and engineering. Her happy place is at her work bench, making, playing and experimenting.

Sophie is working with a piece of metal with a pair of pliers.
using pliars

Although making may at times be messy - and immensely frustrating - Sophie also finds it very rewarding and exciting. She tends to design for people who favour style and soul over fashion, and who have a keen eye for quiet luxury. She absolutely loves what she does - knowing that a piece of jewellery that I have designed is giving you the confidence boost and glow you need to help you realise your potential and create ever lasting memories.

A wooden desk is visible, busy with objects on top including a lamp, hammer, blowtorch, various pliars and a ruler.
her many tools of the trade

Sophie is also passionate about sustainability - it is embedded in every aspect of jer practice. She only works to order, using recycled precious metals and sustainably sourced gemstones. She offers ready-to-wear collections as well as bespoke services and repairs of old treasures.

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