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Songuel is standing under a gazeebo outside, she is behind a table which has a green cloth and her products on display. She is facing the camera and is smiling. She is wearing a red floral headscarf covering her hair only.

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Soul 'n' Body

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Handmade skincare products



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Songul, the Maker

Songul is a stay-at-home mum of two, with a degree in nutrition and a diploma in aromatherapy. Raising two young children (and four cats!) away from her native Germany made her yearn for a chance to be creative and find some time for herself. She started making in March of 2021, creating out of frustration at being continually disappointed with skincare products that change their formulations. She started working on her own recipes, using all natural ingredients, in the small amount of time she has for herself when her children are sleeping.

a pink spatular is being pulled out of a some thick shiny liquid that is a darker pink.
mixing lip gloss

Rather than using harsh, pore-clogging chemicals she creates hair and skincare products with natural ingredients and utilising sustainable, refillable packaging. Additionally, none of the products she sells have any unnatural colorants or fragrances. All products are created with care of the chemicals used and maximising the benefits of the ingredients.

Songuel is standing behind a table at an inside market. On her table is a green cloth and her handmade skin care products. Her hand is on the top of a product and it looks like she is talking to someone who is out of the frame and they could be standing on the otherside of the table.
selling at a market

This all means Songul can provide natural skincare, haircare and beauty products that her customers can trust. Each product will get her undivided attention and she is always trying new recipes and molds, and developing her craft.

Products made by Songul

Oatmeal Honey Soap | Skin Care

three slices of handmade soap. The soap is a pale yellow that looks like natural colouring, each slice has been stamped with the company logo and name, the logo is a lined image of a bee, and the company logo "soul n body" is in italics underneath. The soap slices are sat on top of something that looks like wovern wicker material.
Oatmeal and Honey Soap
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One size
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Soul 'n' Body

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