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Sibel faces the camera, wearing sunglasses. There seem to be trees in the background of the photo.

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21.07 London

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Textiles and Jewellery



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Sibel, the Maker

After unfortunately losing their job in Easter of 2023, Sybil embarked on a journey inspired by a deep-rooted desire to create. They decided to delve into the world of handmade fashion and jewellery, fulfilling a dream she had from a young age.

A woman (Sibel) is standing with her back to the camera, showing a short length kimono with an eye pattern on the back. She is standing in front of a row of tall flowers with some trees behind.
modelling a kimono

The designs on the kimonos use woodcut printing techniques, to create unique and consistent patterns. This use of wood also carries over into her jewellery, with handmade wooden earrings in stud and dangle-drop styles.

Three kimonos are hanging from a black clothes rail. The first has an ornate design roughly in the shape of a sun, the second is covered in ladybird designs and the last has a stylised line drawing of a woman with long hair wearing a hat.
rack of kimonos

Her pieces are truly wearable art, and indeed her pieces have been featured in local artistic haven Deptford Does Art and sustainable pop-up Lone Design Club. Sybil has also sold at Solo Craft Fair and closer to home, in Charlton Park.

Products made by Sibel

Handmade Kimono | Clothing

close-up of a kimono made of light fabric with a stylised eye pattern covering it
Long Kimono with Evil Eye Pattern
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One Size Fits All
Peach, Blue, Black, Gold
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21.07 London

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