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Sarah, the Maker

Sarah J Harper works under the name Harper Bizarre Art as a multi-disciplinary artist. She is based in Greenwich, London, UK. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including playing a part in a variety of exhibitions in key London venues including the Saatchi Gallery, Tate Modern, and Tate Britain. Sarah’s work has featured in a variety of publications, including books and periodicals as well as online exhibitions.

making ceramic tiles

Sarah studied ceramics, mosaic and other arts at college. She now produces unique artwork, sometimes naughty, sometimes nice, and often thought-provoking. Her work can be an expression of everyday life with a witty and quirky edge, and a hope for justice and equality.

in her studio

The primary mediums used include ceramics, using a variety of techniques in application and design, and money art, a backdrop that often utilises the possibility of international messages of concern for political and human rights.

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