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Sarah, the Maker

Sarah is known for her retro Earrings and Hair accessories made with Polymer Clay. These statement pieces really reflect the 60 and 70s era expressed in her work. Polymer clay is also very lightweight, meaning you can wear these earrings all day without feeling the weight on your lobes.

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Make sure you browse all of Sarah's Etsy shop, where you will also find vintage scrunchies, retro wall art and beaded necklaces.

making earrings

If you would like catch Sarah in person you can often find her at several local markets; Age Exchange Cafe, Blackheath Christmas Fair, Erith Craft Market, and of course with Woolwich Makers Market.

Sarah is clearly very connected to the community, because as well as the local market she sells at she also does regular collections (every couple of months) where the proceeds are donated to a charity. Her current charity of choice is Age Exchange, which is a dementia charity in Blackheath. Sarah is also currently working on publishing her own personal website, so do keep an eye open for that update.

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