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Rachael stands quite close to the camera whilst one of her paintings is just behind her, filling the background.

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Rachael Hogg Artworks

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Atmospheric paintings



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Rachael, the Maker

Rachael describes herself as a quiet natured individual who found solace in creating, making and designing. She studied Art and Design at University and then spent some time in Cyprus and the Shetland Islands immersed in different landscapes, honing her creative instincts.

A dark and moody painting sits in a frame on top of a roll of tape. There is a large amount of paint seen on the wall behind and a part of a desk seen, suggesting this is an artist's workspace.
her studio

Rachael uses creative processes to deal with stress and reset the balance of living in a busy city with a young family. She also wanted to show that it is possible to earn money from a creative outlet. For her that outlet is painting nocturnal landscapes, filled with atmosphere.

There is a painting hanging on a wall above a desk, on the desk leaning against the wall are more paintings, as well as a bowl with a paintbrush in it. To the right of these are what looks like more art supplies.
where Rachael paints

All pieces are originals, with no prints produced. Her artworks are often based on local area landscapes such as Oxleas Woods, as well as scenes from other parts of London.

Products made by Rachael

Red Night | Painting

atmospheric painting of a road at night, with red light shining from the top-right corner
Original Atmospheric Painting
Delivery Cost
20cm x 20cm x 0.3cm
Black, Red, Grey
Made In
Made by
Rachael Hogg Artworks

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