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Louise Tomlins Ceramics

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Functional Stoneware Ceramics



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Louise, the Maker

Louise’s career as a ceramist started with a bucket list back in the mid 2010’s. Her and her best friend took a 6 week evening class at Maze Hill Pottery and from the very first lesson Louise fell in love with the craft. She continued to learn under Florian Gadsby for a further two years.


Overtime Louise invested in more and more equipment and now she has her own studio space called The Corner at 96. It’s former corner shop in Charlton (opposite the United Reform Church, 96 Bramshot Ave), which Louise has also used in the past as a place to display handmade products from other local makers.

in studio

Louise tells us how she loves to create functional stoneware pieces. Taking something that we use everyday like dinnerware and transforming it into something that is completely unique. You will find Louise’s work being sold at; The Corner @ 96, Made in Greenwich, Deptford does Art and also find her selling her work at; Mycenae House, Greenwich Market and with us Woolwich Makers Market.

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