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Jo is facing the camera wearing a beige beanie hat and large circle darkframed sunglasses. Behind her is the river Thames, you can see the Thames boat service dock for Woolwich and behind that the skyline of Canary Wharf.

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Jo, the Maker

Jo and her husband John have always been creative. Intended came about after they made a light box for themselves from a vintage tube sign, then bought a vintage bus roll and did the same. The business has now grown as they create beautiful light boxes from vintage bus rolls, bus stop signs and signs from the London Underground.

a round table in the corner of a room. Jo's husband is sat at the table and is looking with concentration at something, it looks like he is working on a light box. there are lots of things all over the table, including a light box reading wembley park stn. On the wall behind the table is a TV which says 2023 in big letters
making a light box

They are very conscious about materials and committed to repurposing vintage products to create sensational decorations for the home. They want to grow to making lots of items that no longer serve their intended purpose and to give them a new one, to reduce waste and breathe new life into old items.

a dark image lighting is coming from the light box product. The box is a long black rectangle with cut out lettering spelling columbia road. The lettering is lit by the light behind the box. behind the light box are various plants in pots. the plants and pots are lit from the bottom, lighting is from the light behind the light box.
set up at home

No two light boxes are the same and they are all created using original vintage signage. They use sustainable wood for the frame, water-based wood glue, water-based blackboard paint and low voltage LED lights. They can even cut the sign to make it exactly as you want (e.g. cut "Totteham Hale Station" to just "Tottenham"). They offer a bespoke service and will try to source any destination requests.

Products made by Jo

Bow Church Light Box | Home Decor

the box light is a long rectangle box black with the words "bow church" in white. The white letters are lit up. behind the box light are four vases, all different heights lined up in order of getting taller and a bit wider. One vase as long dried folliage in. The bottom of the vases are also illuminated by the light which is in the back of the light box. behind the shelf on the wall there is an edge of a round mirror, and the bottom of a black and white portrait photograph.
Light Box Reading "Bow Church"
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