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Handmade by Bee

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70's Style Accessories



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Elise, the Maker

Elise’s creative journey began with a simple act of kindness when she knitted a present for her friend. After enjoying the process she started exploring what other things she could knit it then became a natural transition from her learning and exploring crochet and knitting techniques to starting her business Handmade by Bee (est.2020).


Elise is a creative person, spending most of her time studying photography at the University of Ravensbourne, check out her photography Instagram @fotogra_bee for some of her work. Or you could even check out the pictures she has been commissioned to do for us, as well as some of the other makers locally.


Her products are both knitted and crocheted with a timeless autumnal colour palate with a distinctive retro 70's vibe. Like all things handmade, they are made with love, and are not something you would find on the high street. You can find Elise often selling at local markets in Shrewsbury House, Charlton House and Erith Exchange, the best way to buy from her is to browse her Instagram feed where she has pictures of all of her products, just send her a direct message, or you can buy directly from her website which has a growing number of her products listed.

Products made by Elise

Fingerless Gloves in Autumnal Orange | Accessories

Crochet Fingerless Gloves
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one size adult
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Handmade by Bee

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