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Desi, the Maker

Desi dreams of the day when she is retired, her days will be spent in an Italian sea front patio crafting and eating. In the meantime she is content to crochet all and anything in her favourite position seen here, which she jokes should be an official yoga pose.

yoga pose

Desi has been crocheting as long she she can remember, her mum teaching her the basics, but then she explored and refined her craft by creating tops and dresses without using a pattern. The result is she can create anything and everything without needing a pattern. It seems only natural that Desi also makes and sells her own patterns, such as the multicoloured cardigan pictured in her profile photo.


Desi has been selling her products through word of mouth for many years, but it was lockdown that gave Desi the time to finally start promoting and sharing her handmade products on social media. You can always find Desi at Woolwich Makers Market, either as a valued volunteer (since 2020) or selling at her own table.

Products made by Desi

DIY Oversized Rainbow Cardigan | Crochet Pattern

Crochet Pattern for Cardigan
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Ready Steady Made It

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