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Beverley is posing for a photo, looking direct at the camera showing her from the waist up. She is wearing a very colourful top which has lots of different patterns in a dutch wax style. Her hair is a few inches longer than her shoulder and is in braids in a light blonde and red colour. she is smiling. Behind her looks like a gazebo with a table of her handmade products.

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Goose Botanicals

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Upcycled Garden Decor



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Beverley, the Maker

Beverly's Journey starts like a lot makers we have had sell with us at Woolwich Makers Market, during lockdown in 2020. Both her and her partner began to create sculptures from bits they found in their garden. It's not surprising that this period of time inspired them both, as Beverly explains how at the beginning it was part of a house clearing exercise, using lots of things they had collected over the years.

Beverley is in a workshop holding a hammer. You can only see beverlys arm, shoulder and the back of her head. It looks like Beverly is mid using the hammer on a bird house made of wood. the birdhouse is on a busy table with lots of tools spread around.

Like most of us, they kept in touch with friends and family over video calls, and during these calls they would show what they had been up too which was mostly their upcycling projects. They were overwhelmed with words of encouragement from their friends and family, and Beverly credited their encouragement to sell their work.

A close up of Beverley's face, she is wearing pink glasses and above resting on her forehead are some large plastic protective googles, resting under her chin is a blue face mask. It looks like she has taken the googles and mask off to take a selfie. In the background is a garden with lots of young potted plants.
in her natural habitat

Beverly now has a great arrangement with her friend who works as an archaeologists, which means she can get access to resources which would have otherwise ended up in landfill. You will find Beverly selling at lots of local produce markets; Lesnes Abbey, Charlton House, Danson House, Severndroog Castle. They are currently working on building a website, but in the mean time if you can't catch them at a market please send them a Direct Message on Instagram if you would like to purchase something.

Products made by Beverley

Upcycled Birdhouse | Garden Decor

a small birdhouse made out tree trunks. The base is a large thin slices of a tree trunk, the house itself is a smaller trunk which has been hollowed out with a small hole for birds to enter. The wood has been painted or varnished in a dark brown colour. next to the house, sitting on the base is a pink owl plantpot.
Upcycled Birdhouse
Delivery Cost
One size
Brown & Pink
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Goose Botanicals

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