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alberto is standing against a black and yellow brick wall. You can see his upper body (from the waist up) he is wearing a blue waterproof coat and the strap of a brown leather bag is going across his body. he has long black hair tied behind his head, and a trimmed but full beard with mustache

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AV Leathercraft

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Handmade leather wallets



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Alberto, the Maker

Alberto comes from a creative background, his current day job being working in a shop which sells tools for jewelers. He started his Leather-work business when he was unexpectedly furloughed due to the COVID pandemic in 2020. Deciding to learn a new craft, Alberto is completely self taught, using tutorials online.

a close up of a long thing piece of leather which has been stretched over something like a spoon handle. the leather is black and the two seams have been stitched together with purple thread. In the background out of focus on a table there is the vice that the leather is being held and another tool

Alberto has workshops teaching Leather-work across South East London. If you would like more information please email him directly. You can also contact Alberto directly as he is keen to do more custom works such as carvings, making the customer involved so that the final piece is as unique as it could possibly be.

a round table. on the table is a green a3 size cutting mat. surrounding the outer edge of the mat and scattered across the table are various tools use for leather making, a ruler, a wooden mallet. In the middle of the a3 cutting mat is a few pieces of cut leather that have been glued together. on one piece of the leather a small pocket has already been sewn in place.
work bench

All items are hand-stiched and use mostly vegetable-tanned leather. Higher-value items also come with a lifetime warranty and will be repaired free-of-charge, as long as they have been properly looked after.

Products made by Alberto

Leather Wallet with Bamboo Image | Accessories

a brown leather wallet with off-white stitching around both short sides and one long side. A green motif of bamboo is embossed in the middle
Leather Wallet with Bamboo Image
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