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Theodora's Bazaar

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Embroidered portraits



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Adele, the Maker

Adele contemplates that her initial interest in art could have been because of her Dad's creativity who was as a painter and photographer.


She has always felt an impulse to make, getting joy from searching for colour palettes and she gets a great deal of satisfaction from creating anything with her hands. This was the start of her journey to making her embroidered portraits.

where Adele works

Adele tells us how her portraits give her a way to express herself, and she feels that it is a window into a world she experiences in her own mind.

All of her creations are made with love and intentions. She find that her process can start with just a quick flash of inspiration, but then she will take a long time and effort to put the idea together in its finality. Adele started creating her work in 2014, but only started selling them in 2018. She also enjoys taking custom and bespoke orders, so if there is anything specific you are wanting please send her a message on her Instagram page or through her etsy shop.

Products made by Adele

Hand Stitched Embroidery Portrait | Home Decor

Bill and Scarlett
Delivery Cost
15cm x 15cm x 1cm
Black, White, Pink, Yellow
Made In
Made by
Theodora's Bazaar

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