Upcycled Birdhouse | Garden Decor

a small birdhouse made out tree trunks. The base is a large thin slices of a tree trunk, the house itself is a smaller trunk which has been hollowed out with a small hole for birds to enter. The wood has been painted or varnished in a dark brown colour. next to the house, sitting on the base is a pink owl plantpot.
Upcycled Birdhouse
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Goose Botanicals
Beverley is posing for a photo, looking direct at the camera showing her from the waist up. She is wearing a very colourful top which has lots of different patterns in a dutch wax style. Her hair is a few inches longer than her shoulder and is in braids in a light blonde and red colour. she is smiling. Behind her looks like a gazebo with a table of her handmade products.

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Goose Botanicals

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Upcycled Garden Decor